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Cindie Brown, CNM, ARNP


Nurse-practitioner with 30 years of experience

in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Gentle and knowledgeable.


Click here to schedule an appointment or a
free 30-minute consultation.


Early Pregnancy Care

Come in as early and as often as needed for first trimester care.  In-house ultrasound and labs.  Records transferred to OB or midwife at your request.

Holistic Prenatal Care

Enjoy the benefit of whole-person

prenatal care through 32 weeks,

preparing throughout for a healthy

baby and birth.


Early pregnancy, post-dates and other limited

OB studies performed on-site.

Miscarriage Support

Management and prevention with frequent

visits for ultrasound and labs as needed.

Limited Gynecological Care

Pap smears for women who find exams difficult.  IUD removals.

Diaphragm fittings.

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