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  • The role of the midwife is to gently and respectfully provide inspiration and medical expertise while guarding against fear.

  • You can make good healthcare decisions for yourself when given evidence-based information.

  • Good healthcare providers lead without coercion.

  • Your family is unlike any other family on the face of the earth.

  • The family unit can offer one of life's best training grounds for learning to love.

  • Your voice matters.

  • Your story matters.

  • Your birth experience also matters.


About Cindie


Cindie has a master's degree in nurse-midwifery from Oregon Health Sciences University.  She worked as a midwife in the hospital setting for 18 years, as well as attended births in out-of-hospital settings since 2006.


Cindie considers it a privilege to have worked with so many beautiful families throughout the years.  She has seen that healthy family life is a deep desire common to all.  She is so thankful to be on this adventure of family with her “renaissance-man” husband and their three wonderfully-unique, young-adult kids (all of whom were born at home).  She seeks to live in faith and love, informed by the kindness of God, the perfect parent, as manifested through the Christian faith and Spirit of Jesus. 

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