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Cindie Brown, CNM, ARNP
  • Masters degree in nurse-midwifery from Oregon Health Sciences University.
  • Nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority.
  • Midwife for 30 years, attending births in hospital, freestanding birth centers and homes.
  • Has attended over 2,000 births.
  • Business owner since 2001.

You are a spirit.  You have a soul.  You live in a body.

Pregnancy and parenthood requires all aspects of your being.
Now your prenatal care can support the full you.

At Generations Pregnancy Care, we build the body through nutrition, fitness and bodywork; we build the soul through education, mindfulness and respect; we strengthen the spirit through willingness to discuss those things that matter most in life. Prayer for healing, wisdom or blessing is also available.

Cindie has had the honor of working with all types of families throughout her career.  She has seen that healthy family life and love is an innate desire common to all.  Her own marriage and child-rearing has been a complex journey of ups and downs, defeat and overcoming, with every year building upon foundations laid by shared history and commitment.  Now, she is simply thankful for the whole eclectic bunch!  Cindie seeks to live in faith and love, informed by the kindness of God, the perfect parent, as manifested through the Christian faith and Spirit of Jesus. 


Midwives and Obstetrican/Gynecologists (OB/Gyns) follow standard guidelines for safe prenatal care and medical oversight during birth and postpartum.  Both professions recognize developing high-risk situations (in pregnancy, labor or postpartum) and both manage birth emergencies.  Both use IV fluids, antibiotics, emergency medications, newborn resuscitation and other medical interventions when needed. 

OB/GYNs' training is focused on medical treatments and surgical interventions. Trained as surgeons, their skills for cesarean are invaluable in all birthing communities.  (Midwives know how to connect you with an OB when needed). They also are best suited for managing medically-complicated pregnancies or births.  They also manage conditions not related to pregnancy, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual problems, etc.


Midwives primarily view pregnancy and birth as normal life events that need holistic support to have the healthiest outcomes.  We receive more training than OBs in teaching, nutrition, prevention of illness, family systems and labor support.  International studies show that midwife-led care results in lower rates of pre-term birth, lower rates of induction and cesarean, longer breastfeeding success and happier birth experiences.  


What is the Difference Between a Midwife and an OB/Gyn?

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