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Holistic Pregnancy Care


Whole-person care means your body, soul and spirit all get attention.  You are growing a complex little person and the journey is more than just physical. 


You will receive high-quality medical care provided by an experienced nurse-midwife.  This includes labs, ultrasound, routine screening tests and education.

You are welcome to bring family and/or friends to your appointments.  Kids usually enjoy the visits and are included in simple tasks such as helping measure belly or listening to baby.  Toys are also available to help kids feel at home.

You will receive support in the areas of:

  • physical fitness and preparation for birth

  • nutrition

  • mindset for labor

  • knowledge of fetal and maternal anatomy and changes

  • developing a birth team (providers, doulas, support people)

  • determining birth site (Cindie has experience in hospital, birth-center and home births).

You have easy access to your midwife via email or phone, and may come for as many visits as desired.  After 32 weeks of pregnancy, care is transferred out to your chosen birth provider. 

(Cindie is no longer attending births.)


We felt so lucky to have Cindie provide our prenatal care for the birth of our first baby. In our appointments, she provided thorough information for true informed consent, took the time to answer all of our questions, and trusted that the decisions we made were the right decisions for our family. Her belief in the female body and the birth process helped me to have a pregnancy full of confidence.                                                                                               - Kat W

Cindie went above and beyond to ensure baby and I were healthy and whole. From routine labs, vitamins, and healthy eating recommendations to being the voice of peace when we were fearful and anxious, Cindie had us covered from every angle!                         - Sebrenia C

From the first visit, I could tell Cindie had vast experience and was so passionate about her work.  I felt I was in safe hands. She didn’t only offer pregnancy care. but I felt cared for mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!

                                                                       - Rebecca C 


What is the Difference

Between a Midwife and an OB/GYN?


Both midwives and OBs follow standard guidelines for providing prenatal care and safe medical oversight during birth.  Both are trained to recognize developing high-risk situations (in pregnancy, labor or postpartum) and both manage birth emergencies.  Both use IV fluids, antibiotics, emergency medications, newborn resuscitation and other medical interventions when needed.

Midwives primarily view pregnancy and birth as normal life events that need holistic support to have the healthiest outcomes.  We receive more training than OBs in teaching, nutrition, family systems and labor support.  International studies show that midwife-led care results in lower rates of pre-term birth, lower rates of induction and cesarean, longer breastfeeding success and happier birth experiences.

OB/GYNs' training is focused on medical treatments and surgical interventions for illness. Trained as surgeons, their skills for cesarean are invaluable in all birthing communities.  (Midwives know how to connect you with an OB when needed).  They also are best suited for managing complicated pregnancies (eg, baby not growing well) or labors (eg, persistently high blood pressure).  They also manage conditions not related to pregnancy, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual problems, etc.

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