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Bleeding in early pregnancy?

Bleeding with cramping is most often a sign of miscarriage, but bleeding also occurs in many pregnancies that carry to term.  Labs and ultrasound can help determine what is happening.  Usually, an emergency room wait and expense is unnecessary.

Looking for options in miscarriage management?

Have you been diagnosed with a miscarriage but you have not yet experienced the passage?  Come in to explore options of watchful waiting vs taking a medicine to miscarry at home vs referral for other procedures.  Follow-up is also important.

History of miscarriage and want to focus on prevention?


Many women in this community have carried healthy pregnancies to term even after experiencing multiple miscarriages.  Come in to learn of some of the strategies used.  These include hormone testing and support, nutrition and use of alternative modalities.


I had multiple miscarriages after the birth of my first son.  Cindie gently supported me as I grieved.  Then, she provided lab testing and hormonal support that led to a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful second baby.  I'm so grateful!                                   - Andrea V

I had a few pregnancies and miscarriages before I knew Cindie, but never felt as loved and supported as when I miscarried in her care. She took the time to pray and help process the grief like I’d never had a provider before. Her compassion and knowledge is unparalleled.                                                 - Melanie F

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